Reef Encounters

Reef Encounters

Baramundi supper was my inspiration...


Washing down a fish supper... yum


How's the fishing Mr pelican...

Jelly fish mobile

Jiggly jelly fish

Mermaid light catcher

Half fish, half Siren...

Mermaid - seated

This seated mermaid has a decorated tail of polished glass stones


For the James bond aficionados....

Playful dolphin

Delightful dolphin dances in the breeze...

Recycled Aluminum Seahorse

Beaded recycled aluminum seahorse

Sea horse in Blues

Sea horse in Blues

Seahorse keyring/ zipper pull

A handsome addition to any keys...

Scroll Seahorse

What a combination scrolled wire works and glittery beads...

Sea Turtle

They seem to glide through the sea....

Sea turtle - in copper

Recycled copper wire Turtle