The Horse Yard

These individually sculpted horses are a unique gift for any horse lover from any equine discipline -these wire equines enjoy kicking up their heels as much as your friend in the paddocks.

Sculpted from galvanised wires and recycled copper wires. Please email me if you want copper wire and the sculpture is shown in galvanised, and a different size than listed.

My horses are created in realisic postures and are only limited to what we see our equine friends get up too! I can sculpt single horses and pairs, but again different groups can be created. I can capture the essence of your horses, if you have a favourite photo of them playing or fooling around, contact me.

Postage is still one flat rate per order regardless of how many sculptures you order.

The Horse Yard
All dressed up

All dressed up will turn heads...

Carnival pony in Blue

It's so hard to choose....


Exquisite swarvorski crystal unicorn head

Duelling Stallions

These two feisty stallions have been capture in wire as they play fight, early one misty morning.

Fire and Ice

The passion of Fire and the cool of Ice test each other...


You can almost feel the wind in his mane...

Golden Girl

A real show pony...

horse head keyring

A key minder...

I love my mum

Nice and safe next to mum..


Jenny with beaded mane and tail enjoys a gentle stroll to a favorite shady spot

Mozzie coil holder

For the horse lover that has everything... or may be not.


Pegasus' with his rich mythological history is many things to many people...


Muscle warmed and working in unison as Phooey moves freely forward in a good working trot


The perfection of control and grace...

Prancing lightcatcher

As she pirouettes in the breeze she sparkles....

Precious moments

With long teetering legs, under Dannis' watchful eye her foal Jess takes his first drink.

Rainbow Unicorn

Magical, mythical and recycled....


Samuel my tribute to the heavy horses...

Sleeping Beauty

A serene moment...

The Guardian

As one sleeps the guardian gently rests his nose on his friends back.


PLEASE EMAIL AND DISCUSS SIZES ETC not available to order off web site...PRICES START FROM $69.00 for single horse on base

Whos' da Boss

just a show really....

wire drawing

A beautiful wire drawing of a horse head