Farmyard Friends

Farmyard Friends
Bull skull

Perfect to hang on the gate or in the pool room

Chickie tea light holder

For the chicken lover who thought they had everything...

Copper Kitty

What's up pussy cat...?

fairy wren

Seriously cute little birds

Light catching Romeo

Beaded Romeo light catcher

Long horn

These cattle's horns have been measures over 2m tip to tip

Nanny goat

A Nubian style goat...

Nanny goat

A Saaneen style goat...


Puppy pin (brooch)


This little piggy....


Who better to keep an eye on the sheep than a border collie


Romeo, the quietest Rooster!

Romeo-in copper

A Stunning solid copper Romeo

Sasha - puppy pin

Cute puppy pin

Sausage dog brooch

who can resist a sausage dog...


Baa Lam Roo to your breed be true....

sheep-in copper

Baa Lam your breed be true...again

Sitting kitty cat

waiting, waiting still waiting....

wire drawing chook

Galvanised wire chook