Dragon fly Collection

To watch these exquisitely coloured masters of flight dipping and diving over the dam is always a pleasure.

Dragon fly Collection
dragonfly earrings

Recycled copper Dragonfly earrings

Dragonfly Jewellery – Brooches

Exquisite unique pieces for the dragonfly lover...

Dragonfly Light Catchers

My inspiration was watching the delicate dance of these creatures over my dam.

Dragon fly mozzie coil holder

Gorgeous and useful...

Dragonfly Screen Hangers

They look like they are hovering against your fly screen...

Dragonfly tea light holder

A beautiful dragonfly tea light holder

Forest green dragon fly

Exquisite Copper and green dragonfly

Free standing aqua dragon fly

Hovering over the dam this dragon fly reflects the aqua blues

Sparkly Dragonfly

This Dragonfly really shines...

Sunny day Dragon fly

The third in the collection of freestanding dragonflys