Welcome to the now Multi awarded AmandaDesigned, my work was originally inspired by my surroundings in Tropical Far North Queensland, the rainforest, seasonal creeks and lily covered dams with abundant frogs, lizards, geckos and dragonflies sharing this special place.

This year my work has taken an interesting "twist" I have started using recycled copper wire - I salvage from deceased electrical appliances, I am delighted with the opportunity to recycle in its purest form. Along with recycling my work has been evolving, whilst still creating my original inspirations my portfolio expanded, to include animals we share our personal and working lives with utilising recycled copper and Aluminum wires as well as the original galvanised wires

My creations still start from wire of different gages, and as they twist and turn, life appears. If appropriate I hand decorate them with glass and nylon beads to give them a flash of colour – as with their living inspirations. Every creation is unique, individual and hand-crafted.

No two are the same– each has it’s own personality.

You can contact me personally by following the 'contact me' link above.

Each sculpture is made on ordering, please allow 14 days for creation.

POSTAGE is just ONCE per order regardless to number of items ordered.

The Collection

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